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Stephanie Ellen St. Claire - Psychic Medium - Astrologer - Spiritual Counselor

Stephanie Ellen St. Claire - Tucson Psychic Medium and Tucson Astrologer

Transform Your Life ~ Psychic Medium ~ Astrologer ~ Spiritual Counselor ~ Life Coach

Psychic Medium ~ Astrologer ~ Spiritual Counselor ~ Life Coach

I'm a practicing psychic medium which means I'm clairvoyant (naturally psychic), and I work with a very large team of Spirit Guides and Helpers. I'm also an astrologer, spiritual counselor and life coach. I've been psychic since childhood and have helped thousands of people over a 30+ year period.

The main reason my psychic readings are so much more effective than most psychics or astrologers is because I combine FOUR modalities (see description below) rather than the usual one or two of most psychic readers and astrologers. This helps my accuracy to be an exceptional 80 - 90% that few can match!

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"It is with gratitude that I write this note: After a number of readings with you over the past year I feel compelled to let you know what incredible accuracy you have shown in each of these readings. I would estimate close to 100% even though I couldn't see it at the time of the reading--all of your predictions and intuitions have proven accurate. Additionally your timing of events is uncanny; your feeling about people and their motivations have been 'on target'. At this point I would not hesitate to consult you about any business or personal decision or situation. Your insights are very valuable."

--V.O., Farmington, CT

Learn the difference between Psychics and Psychic Mediums, Spiritual Counselors and Spirit Guides, Astrologers and Astronomers, and Astrology and Astronomy.

Accuracy of My Psychic Readings

As an Astrologer, I look closely at your birth chart (first modality) which is your life's blueprint. As a Psychic, I tap into my strong intuitive abilities (second modality) to pick up energies operating in your life at the present. In addition, as a Medium, my Spirit Guides communicate telepathically with me (third modality) to feed me additional information about you. Lastly, I use a pendulum (fourth modality) to check and confirm that the information I'm receiving is indeed true.

"In 2005, I was introduced to Stephanie by a friend. My friend has been calling upon Stephanie for years and told me nothing but good things about her. I was skeptical but went for a session anyway. I was at a crossroads with several things in my life at the time and did not elude to those things with her. Stephanie told me many things that sounded ridiculous to me. I left there with nothing but a tape, a chart and serious doubt.

A couple of years later, I ran across the tape while moving. I listened to my session and was floored at the things that I heard. I had totally forgotten some of the things that Stephanie told me would transpire. She was spot on with her reading and of the things she told me. I couldn't believe it. All of those years later and her predictions had been true all along. It just took a while for me to understand it. I moved far away from Stephanie shortly after that initial session but have been back to see her since. I am thankful to Stephanie and the gift she has been given. She is simply……wonderful!!!"

--E.S., Southport, NC - 8/13

Spiritual Counseling and Life Coaching

As a Spiritual Counselor and Life Coach, I help facilitate making positive choices in one's life thereby leading to stronger self-esteem and self-empowerment. I help people with directional issues and we talk all situations through until there is clarity and purpose within.

In addition, most people are filled with a great deal of negative energies attached to them from other people, especially ex-partners and family members, and from life in general. People don't realize how much this negative stuff affects them and often contributes to their problems. I disconnect these cords and clear the negative energies accumulated from these life experiences.

Once cleared, it's amazing to see and feel the changes within each person. Most people feel MUCH lighter. Much healing takes place within each individual and most people leave feeling inspired and empowered to conquer the world!

"My [psychic reading] session with [Stephanie Ellen St. Claire] was truly enlightening, and I was amazed at her accuracy. I've since had three additional telephone psychic readings with her, all of which were equally accurate. Without getting into my personal history, I can honestly say that nearly everything she predicted has in fact happened, and furthermore; it has happened in the time frame she predicted. I'd like to say that her prediction was not directly about me. It concerned some else, therefore, I had no control over the situation, and my prior knowledge could not have in any way influenced the chain of events which took place..."

--A.F., New York, NY

"I spoke with my son, Daniel who is living in Tallinn, Estonia, for the past four years, at first doing some job-jobs he just hated, but now has his own editing company. In any case, the reason I write is that Dan reminded me of your predictions about his future some ten years ago.  Two that really stuck with him were that he would find the "right one" and be married near the age of thirty.  He has turned 29 the end of February and the end of June will marry a wonderful woman he met in Estonia, Jaanika.  You'd also said that he would ultimately be working in pursuits that required him to live an "almost monk-like" existence, and very happy with that choice.  That is aso true!   And part of the challenge of finding the love of his life is that he spends nearly ALL of his time alone -- editing books and writing music.  The lady he's about to marry is highly independent and encourages all the work he does, although it's definitely a solo act and keeps him absorbed days at a time in a room alone. So I wanted to assure you that your long-term prediction score is remarkably high!"

--N.W., Edinburgh, Scottland - 3/13

In addition, I'm a nationally known radio personality; I have been doing LOCAL RADIO (Tucson and Phoenix, AZ) and national radio since 1988. A number of years ago, I appeared on The Joan Rivers Show on WOR in New York City. At the time, I predicted that her daughter, Melissa Rivers, would marry John Endicott, the gentleman she was dating at the time. Two weeks after I made that prediction, People Magazine reported that, indeed, John had asked Melissa to marry him! (Unfortunately, they are now divorced.)

"Thanks again... this year is definitely starting out better than last year. Everything you have said or felt from our discussions is very helpful and helps/gives me the confidence to move forward with little to worry about. Ill be in touch. Take care..."

--M.S., Coronado, CA

I've done quite a bit of television as well as having been featured on local news shows many times here in Tucson. Several years ago, I appeared as the primary psychic on an internationally syndicated television show entitled DEAD FAMOUS which used to air on the Biography Channel. The show has been shown all over the world. I was featured on the segment about John Wayne.

In addition to my Personal Psychic Readings, I provide many other services such as House and/or Office Visitations and Feng Shui Consultations.

My Prices

My hourly rate for my services is $180 per hour. Please see specific services page for more information regarding any minimums.

Gift Certificates Are Available For All Services

E-mail: stephanie@stephaniestclaire.net

(520) 299-9557

Stephanie Ellen St. Claire

6890 E Sunrise Dr.

Tucson, Arizona 85750

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