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Stephanie Ellen St. Claire - Psychic Astrologer Counselor

Tucson Astrology Classes Metaphysical Instruction

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I have been teaching metaphysical classes for 35+ years, 30 of them in Tucson, Arizona where I've lived for 30 years. Presently, I teach an ongoing Psychic/Spiritual Development Class which meets every Wednesday evening from 7 - 10 PM. On occasion, I teach astrology classes and, once a year, a beginning Dowsing Class.

How Is The Class Structured?

Class is grouped into 6 week segments which is called a session. We meet for 6 weeks and then take a two week break in-between each session. The classes are grouped this way for the convenience of payment ONLY since class is continuous. We cover many different subjects over the weeks and months of class with the emphasis being on teaching, experiencing, and sharing. I do NOT repeat classes. Subjects are taught to conclusion and then new material is introduced.

In my psychic/spiritual development class, we do a great deal. Much is learned, shared and experienced. There is a lecture, guided meditation and sharing, and a powerful healing circle. If we're doing a guided meditation, we begin the meditation the last hour of class with a healing circle the last 30 minutes of class. If there is no guided meditation, we have the healing circle the last 30 minutes of class.

"I will always be grateful to Stephanie. Her astrological and psychic readings have proven quite accurate for me. Stephanie is a sincere and kind hearted person with access to a great amount of information on a multitude of subjects, which she generously shares with her students. Her classes provide a high spiritual frequency enhancing the development of personal growth. I highly recommend Stephanie and her classes for a person wanting to improve upon any aspect of their life. I could not be more pleased with the very valuable happenings in my life that have been a direct result of my meeting Stephanie."

--M.J., Tucson, AZ

General Information

Class is ongoing and can be joined at any time. Classes are grouped into 6 week sessions for the convenience of payment only and has nothing to do with the topics discussed. You may NOT try the class one time to see if you like it or not.

Class meets every Wednesday from 7-10 PM give or take a little. It is expected that you be prompt and on time to class. Of course, emergencies arise, and it is acceptable to be late when necessary.

Classes are held at my residence. I will email you directions to my house when you sign up for class.


Classes are grouped into 6 week sessions. Each session costs $180 payable in advance at the first class of each session. It's truly a small amount to pay considering all that is learned and experienced, not to mention the special connections that are developed between class members.

The method of payment is CASH ONLY. You may NOT pay per class.

I structure the class like a college classroom which is to say you pay for the entire session whether you miss one or more classes during the 6 week session. You may NOT make up missed classes in the next session. For example, if you miss the first class of a session when monies are due, it is expected you will pay the full amount ($180) of the 6 weeks when you attend the next week. There is only ONE EXCEPTION to this rule.

The ONLY EXCEPTION to that rule is if you enter a session in the middle or toward the end. Then the class is prorated and you pay ONLY for the remaining classes in that session.

And lastly, if you wish to stop the class at any time during the session, no monies are refunded.

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E-mail: stephanie@stephaniestclaire.net

(520) 299-9557

Stephanie Ellen St. Claire

6890 E Sunrise Dr.
Tucson, Arizona 85750

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