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Stephanie Ellen St. Claire - Tucson Psychic Medium and Tucson Astrologer

Predictions for 2012 - Psychic Predictions for 2008

Predictions from 2017 - 2027
By Stephanie Ellen St. Claire, written March 5, 2017


The next ten years will be transforming in every way for everyone on the planet. We are in a MAJOR shift which has never before happened. All the systems and ways of life, as we know it, will undergo massive changes. Because of this, I can NO longer do yearly predictions. Any of the changes, which are about to unfold, can happen at any time in any of these next 10 years. What I do know is that by the year 2027 life on earth will look very different.

The best advice I can give everyone is as follows:

  1. Have NO indebtedness - owe nothing to anyone.
  2. Stay TOTALLY out of fear and completely trust your inner guidance at all times; have faith that you are ALWAYS safe, divinely protected and in the right place at the right time.
  3. Take responsibility for all of your choices - don't blame anyone or anything.
  4. Take TOTAL responsibility for your own health, well being and what food you choose to put into your body.
  5. Stay grounded in your body at all times. Purchase a grounding sheet and/or shoes (www.earthing.com). WALK outside in nature every day if possible.
  6. Stay away from cell phones and electronics as much as possible. Do NOT surf the internet. Limit or eliminate your use of social media.
  7. Do research through books and magazines and NOT on the internet.
  8. Stock up on major necessities in case the grid goes down. Have some back up food as well.
  9. Learn how to grow food and preserve it.
  10. Limit your news, television and movie watching. Most of the news is fake.
  11. Do NOT zone out. When you do, you're open to getting negative entities attached to you. Always stay in the present moment, stay focused on what you're doing, and be mindful.
  12. Be very careful who you associate with and what places you go.
  13. Let go of everyone who NO LONGER is supportive of you nor is a positive influence in your life.
  14. Let go of everything you no longer need or want. Clean house and simplify your life.
  15. Think carefully about where you are living. It might be time to leave the area and re-locate.



Expect MAJOR financial collapses starting most likely in September or October of this year which will be continuing. This includes major bank closings as well as other financial institutions shutting their doors as well. This could happen at any time from now until September and throughout the next 10 years.

It is critical that each of you look at where your monies, pensions, savings, stocks, etc. are invested. It would be wise to divest and consider investing in metals, cash, land etc. Many monies that people have counted on will disappear in a flash.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be "taken out" at some point, and the "Donald" will NOT continue as President. It is likely that no one we now know will continue on as President of the US.

The political scene will be filled with many, many dark secrets and scandals that have been going on and hidden for centuries that will finally be revealed. They will be shocking and earth shattering to most people especially those involving children.

The corruption, deception, and lying by the leaders of the world, including religious leaders, and sports figures, will begin to be exposed at a very rapid rate as people are shocked into the reality of what they've believed, valued and accepted over the millennia.

People will begin to recognize that many famous people do not look like themselves anymore. That's not because of plastic surgery but because they've been replaced. You will need to research this subject to understand it further.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been slowly taking over our world. Think of what happens when you call any major corporation nowadays. Everything is automated and conducted by artificial intelligence. Eventually, AI will be running Smart Cities in the US and all over the world.

Corporations will continue to merge so that there will be only a few corporations running the world. Many companies and businesses will fold and go out of business.

Prices of food and all items will increase substantially and the availability of everything will decrease a great deal as well.

Be very careful when flying anywhere. Travel is slowly being fazed out as it will become more and more difficult to go anywhere. Within a couple of years, everyone will need to have a special ID or passport just to fly between the states in the US.

More and more of our rights, here in the US, are being taken away. Few people seem to care or even notice. As many of you already know, everything we do and say is tracked and recorded.

Many people do not listen nor read anymore. In addition, many people cannot think or focus as well and are in a state of confusion. Instead people are busy on their cell phones, texting, surfing the internet and so forth. Did you know that ALL CELL PHONES are programmed to the "love and addictive centers" of the brain???? Furthermore, all cell phones, laptops and other electronics microwave our bodies destroying our cells and organs.

Many, many people will lose their jobs. For survival, it is extremely important that people have skill sets that can be used (sewing, gardening, repairing things, etc.) in a practical way. It is important to be self-sufficient and to work for yourselves rather than be employed by others as jobs dry up and are not available anymore.

There will be many more extreme weather events including earthquakes, volcanos, tornadoes and other geological phenomena. Many people will die from these events. It's advisable NOT to live near major bodies of water, along fault lines and other potentially disrupting areas. You might want to consider re-locating to a safer area. The time to make changes is at hand. In a few years, that window will close and not be available.

There is a strong possibility of war (not nuclear), and of ETs appearing in the sky (most likely they will be holograms but could be real as well). It's very hard to tell the "real" thing. Holograms look exactly like real people and events.

Many, many people will get very sick and leave their bodies as the years go forth. There will be a dramatic increase in illness and confusion over these next ten years.

You can expect major problems with the grids in place all over the world, electrical and other old systems created and put into place many years ago. That includes roads, bridges, lighting etc.

There will be many angry people who take to the streets with guns and other weapons in protest. Do NOT get involved in any of this activity.

Many adult children and grandchildren will be moving back to live with their parents or other relatives.


In conclusion, all of this sounds very scary, I know. However, we've needed major changes on earth for a very long time. The corruption and deception need to be exposed and, generally, things really need to change so this time should be viewed as exciting and very interesting.

You can EASILY learn to be in a stable, calm and good place, without any fear, by attending classes (such as the one I teach)... classes on skill developing, meditation (I teach this as well), by reading books and by taking advantage of all the wonderful knowledge available to us nowadays. The libraries, videos, DVDs and so forth provide a wealth of information to guide us all.


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Stephanie Ellen St. Claire

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